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Find for men and womens Converse shoes in many styles


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Over their 25+ years in the game, XLARGE has left an indelible mark. The first streetwear brand to use a gorilla as a mascot (sorry BAPE) and one of the originators of the workwear-meets-sneakers-meets-street fashion look that’s so popular today, they hold an esteemed place in the annals of streetwear. Now in 2018, they’re teaming up with Converse for a special converse chuck taylor all star dainty shoes — a perfect collaborative silhouette that boasts a rich history and backstory, much like the brand themselves. The shoe is done up in the instantly recognizable black and white classic Chuck color combo, but the devil’s in the details: the XLARGE gorilla pokes his head through the circular All-Star logo, and a small XLARGE tag appears on the heel. The shoes are water repellant — a hallmark of many an XLARGE footwear collab — and the co-branded insole features Converse React cushioning tech to ensure long-lasting comfort.
After their highly anticipated React Element 87 released to tremendous fanfare earlier in September, legendary designer Jun Takahashi and his brand UNDERCOVER are set to drop yet another quartet of collaborative sneakers — this time using the converse chuck taylor all star mono ox shoes as a canvas. First previewed back in January, and entitled the “Order/Disorder” pack, all four shoes draw their inspiration from UNDERCOVER’s Fall 2018 collection and the rare position between the streets/runways that the brand holds. Arriving in black, white, red, and yellow, each pair features a high-gloss toe box/midsole and bumpers with contrasting color hits. “ORDER” and “DISORDER” adorn the right and left toes respectively — an intentional contradiction that nods to Takahashi’s notion of reflection and tension — and each look is completed with silver eyelets and co-branded insoles.
Storied international retailer Dover Street Market is no stranger to Nike collaborations, having added their special touch to everything from the Air Jordan 1 to the Air Max 1 and the Converse. Now, they’re adorning another classic shoe with their signature color palate and recognizable logo: the converse chuck taylor all star hi shoes. Arriving in both a white and a black canvas, both shoes feature a white midsole with black piping and DSM’s special badge on the lateral heel. Presenting a look that’s simple yet still extremely refined, DSM has proven yet again that sometimes less is more when it comes to collaboration. If you’re a fan of these special Chucks.
World renowned tattoo artist Dr. Woo is one of the top purveyors of Converse’s expansive catalogue, as his previous collaboration highlighted his unmatched attention to detail and the diverse adaptability of the canvas-ridden Converse line. Set to team up again, their latest collaborative capsule of four shoes – two for adults and two for children – includes converse shoes outlet uk that drastically change as you wear them. “The shoe is a culmination of all things that I love — vintage, the wearing in of your own clothes, how it keeps developing, transitioning, and how the Chuck, specifically, can stay in your life so long,” Woo said. “The way you receive your shoe is not the end game. It is fully pliable and moldable to however the wearer wants to wear it. Putting your shoe through that is the reward — seeing how it gets beat up.”

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